Mia (mia_liz) wrote in syd_indie_kids,

Ok I know this isn't really in sydney, but some of you will be intrested.

As it says in the title this festival isn't in sydney but in newcastle which is about 1.5-2 hours train ride away, but a totally worth it trip

it's called the 'This is not art' Festival and it's were all the local artist come out and sell all their work (and it's at student prices). I encourage you all to come theres bands playing and I go every year and never regret it.

FOR MORE INFOMATION click the picture.

Dates: 28th September - 02 0ctober
Where: Lots of places but mainly 
Auckland St: Between King & Hunter Sts
(the reason I say this is because they hold lectures, poetry reading and things like that).
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